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  Changzhou rising Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to knitting denim fabric , knitted dyed fabric and indigo yarn production and marketing of private enterprises. The company is located in Wujin's textile industry park, which is located in Changzhou!
The parent company equipped with rope dyeing production line two, rising enterprises equipped with Nissan, Taiwan imports the circular knitting machine and a series of knitted jeans

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Yarn quality billet PK

Soft, wear resistant, corrosion resistant
Selection of raw material

Soft, wear resistant, corrosion resistant
Selection of raw material

Dyed color and degree of PK

This does not fade
The color of our yarn

Ordinary yarn color

PK dressed degrees

Bright, consistent color
The glossy dyeing

Ordinary color yarn

Uniformity of yarn evenness PK

Weaving and dyeing evenness

Common stem


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Companies adhering to the
"customer first, forge ahead"
Business philosophy.
We have received many honors

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Contacts:David Sun
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Because professional so confident

With its accurate positioning, perfect technology, stable quality, system service has won the industry
Colleagues praise and customer recognition, products have been exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia and other countries and places
Area, many international and domestic famous brand and establish a long-term development of the Fuchun dyeing partnership.

E - mail:sundawu@js-shengteng.com
phone:13382836662 / 13621767670
Contacts:Changzhou Province, Yang Yang Road, Wujin District No. 172

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